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Joining cultural conversations

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Joining cultural conversations

Postby miniming » Mon May 10, 2021 9:47 pm

Joining cultural conversations

Collective storytelling is fundamentally based on all stakeholders sharing common values. By joining cultural conversations that span beyond the reach of your brand or industry, you can scale your social impact, attract word of mouth advertising and gain consumer goodwill.

While climate justice is ever pressing, the TAZO Tree Corps initiative is adding to recent conversations around Black Lives Matter, race and equality.

“I've been in the field for a decade, trying to advance urban forestry stewardship, equity inclusion and social justice,” Anderson says. “It's sad that it took such tragic events for people to pay attention. Now that we've got the light, we're running with it. We're going to make as much change as we possibly can.” That’s also why TAZO’s commitment to full time jobs over an extended period is critical to authenticating the initiative.

“So many of the issues facing our world today, including climate change, are intrinsically linked to racial justice,” Miller says. “By tackling one aspect of the problem, we hope to be a part of a holistic solution. Right now, our priority is to thoughtfully and effectively invest funds to accelerate positive change for diverse, marginalized communities in the climate crisis.”

The TAZO Tree Corps is one expression of both TAZO and Unilever's commitment to building a better world. There is a powerful give and take with brand fueled movements. If you are successful, you can not only contribute to shaping what’s possible within your cause but also allow your issue to shape what is possible within your company.

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