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Move on in a beautiful way

Seeking or presenting information regarding rare or difficult to find instructions.

Move on in a beautiful way

Postby ritcha » Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:49 pm


Many people today, their lives are attached to the social world. Or how you feel is often posted on social media, sharing their feelings with the world through time. But did you know that Social posting everything Especially to curse my ex Recently broken up Until it makes you mad It is something you should absolutely not do to help you stay mentally healthy and mentally strong Ready to move forward on a challenging road, these 5 things do not do!

1. Do not secretly look at him.

When you blocked him .. why are you still interested in his life? How crazy! Block and just let it end, no need to sneak up on his friend's face or his family. To continue to pursue his life Or if it hurts until you don't want to play Facebook, you don't have to log in.

2. Don't be pitiful online.

Posting yourself very stupid, ignorant, or betrayed just to want your friends And the followers interested or pity do not make sense You know you're making yourself look stupid. More importantly, how can you be sure that those who comfort and encourage you do not secretly gossip? So, no matter how frustrated you feel, post things that make you look like a pitiful ex.

3. Do not take the story of the former lover to post insults with friends in the online world.

Bad posting to him Social media is nothing but it doesn't make you feel better. And you're the one who seems like a flirt. Therefore, you should post about your own journey into single life instead .. and don't refer to a bad breakup. This will give you strength and energy with or without him in your life.

4. Do not send a friend request to your ex-girlfriend's new girl.

Your breakup may be due to a third person. You get angry because of his other woman. So you want to let her know she's going to hell because of what she did to you. So, if you don't want to be labeled an absurd ex-girlfriend, don't ask to be her friend!

5. Do not send threatening messages.

Breaking up can make you feel like you are not yourself and become moody. You may feel like you can strangle anyone you want. So be careful and think before doing something flirty, such as texting your ex and his new girlfriend that you will punch them both in the face as soon as you meet.

credit: joker gaming
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