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HELP! SCUBA Proof Weaves?

Challenges and suggestions for new knots and ties.

HELP! SCUBA Proof Weaves?

Postby Diver_SC » Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:14 pm

I've been interested in para-cord now for a little over a year, and slowly but surely it has crept into my other hobby SCUBA. I currently dive a backplate and wing style rig, which consists of a stainless steel plate held on using 2" nylon webbing. what I'm trying to find is a thin style weave that can replace the 2" webbing on my plate.
The closest thing I've found is a rescue belt type weave, however I don't trust it because any tear / break and the whole thing can unravel. The only other consideration I have is that it needs to be 2" wide but as thin as possible so that it fits into the belt buckle.
I know this is alot of restrictions but if anyone knows or has any ideas for a weave I'd appreciate the help.
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Re: HELP! SCUBA Proof Weaves?

Postby jinxie » Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:52 pm

I'm not familiar with Scuba, unfortunately, but anything that would not release the entire strap with a cut, would likely be too thick to fit through a buckle.

You would want something made of knots, rather than a sinnet or weave. There are some nice knotted strap patterns, they are just typically more thick than weaves.

Of course, you could use something other than 550 cord, like accessory line if that would be strong enough?
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Re: HELP! SCUBA Proof Weaves?

Postby ChappyCole » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:54 am

I suspect that you have 3 challenges directly related to the use of a webbing buckle:

1) making the paracord fit through the buckle:

A single thickness of paracord fits through a webbing buckle slot without much trouble (depending on the state of the end of the paracord, i.e. melted to a mushroom cap shape will not fit through; however, unmelted or, melted and tapered will fit through fine). Any knotted paracord tie will not fit through the slots. Some braids and weaves may be thin enough to fit through, but will cause problems for issues #2 & #3. :cry:

2) insuring that the paracord strap will not unravel when damaged:

A knotted paracord tie will not unravel easily since each knot will resist unravelling. Braids, weaves and patterns made of slip knot loops passing through slip knot loops will unravel much more easily - especially braids.

So, for your purposes, you would want a knotted paracord tie; however, that wont fit through the buckle slots. :cry:

3) making the paracord connection adjustable in length with the buckle:

To be adjustable, the paracord tie would have to be like webbing, i.e. thin, stiff and low friction. Paracord is low friction; however, it is thick compared to the buckle slots and it is not stiff compared to webbing. Paracord ties, however, can be tied to be fairly stiff. Unfortunately, making a stiff paracord tie results in a thick tie that will not fit through the buckle slots. :cry: The low stiffness is only a minor problem, i.e. a paracord tie thin enough to fit through the buckle slots can be moved through the buckle slots to adjust the length of the strap; however, in my experiences the difficulty level is high enough to be frustrating and undesirable. :cry:

So, I have 3 solutions for you:

1) Make a paracord strap that features:

> a knotted sequence throughout the portions of the strap that are not needed for interacting with the buckle slots
> a braided or woven sequence in the portions that need to move through the buckle slots.

This is a solution with compromises. You get to use the buckles that came with your SCUBA gear and you get to use an appealing paracord tie; however, the braided or woven portion fails your requirement of not unravelling when cut. Also, adjustability will be more difficult that if you stick with webbing.

2) Make a paracord strap of whatever (I'm guessing a little here) pattern you wish and replace the buckles that came with your SCUBA gear with an adjustable device such as:

http://nationalwebbing.com/product_imag ... 1_zoom.jpg

The hole for the paracord to pass through is variable in size and shape as the two D-rings move in relation to each other. I recommend tying some bulky knot at the end of your paracord tie to act as a stopper to ensure that the strap will not slip out of the buckle should the strap slip.

3) Wait for my paracord, side-release buckle to become commercially available. Unfortunately, although I have designed this buckle and I'm confident that it would provide you with the ability to connect any paracord tie using 4 strands or less, easy length adjustment and a simple method to ensure that the tie does not slip out of the buckle, I have no idea when it will be commercially available and I have a history of major procrastination.

I hope this helps or at least spawns an inspiration.

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Re: HELP! SCUBA Proof Weaves?

Postby Patrick9 » Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:45 pm

This is exceptionally decent and better than average post...You shook posting it...Thanks a considerable measure for posting it...!!!
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Re: HELP! SCUBA Proof Weaves?

Postby okkaser » Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:28 am

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Re: HELP! SCUBA Proof Weaves?

Postby dabe91 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:17 am

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