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10 risk factors for "flushing" while exercising

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10 risk factors for "flushing" while exercising

Postby ritcha » Wed Dec 02, 2020 1:29 am


Hot flashes while exercising are something that should not be overlooked. Because there have been cases of severe death to be seen frequently Often nausea, dizziness, weakness, abnormal vision. slot joker wallet Or may see the image in white - black before it flashesIn addition, the body temperature may also change, such as sudden wetness and sweat. Weak pulse Fast heartbeat Or lose muscle control And finally fell

Causes and factors that cause hot flashes while exercising
This is caused by insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain for a short time, or may be caused by a brain tumor. The balance system malfunctions. Brain malfunctions Or it may be a sign of other diseases, the factors that cause flare-ups are as follows

Age is the most important factor. That will cause flare-ups without knowing All organs will mature by the age of 30, but then they will begin to deteriorate. As we get older, the veins will narrow. The blood that supplies the heart muscle will also be reduced as well. Therefore, with increasing age, but still exercising as hard as before It will cause symptoms while exercising. And if severe, it can be at risk of even death Therefore, the elderly will have to exercise just to stay fit. And do not overdo it

congenital disease
Nervous disease is another factor. That can cause flare-ups while exercising, that is, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, anemia, obesity, epilepsy, etc. By people with underlying disease or may not know before that these diseases. In fact, you can still exercise, but not too hard. For example Exercise in the right aerobic way. Which in addition to making the body stronger Also help in the treatment of disease as well However, if wanting to exercise in other forms Should be consulted with a doctor first. So as not to cause flare-ups or risk life

Drinking and smoking
Drinking excessive amounts of booze Will make the body worn out And affect the internal organs, including the liver, nervous system and muscles will be destroyed. People who drink alcohol before going to exercise Alcohol that gets into the body This will cause the blood to pump more and lower blood sugar levels. Until the symptoms become faint or flash As for smoking, there are many toxins, including tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. These substances have a stimulating effect, causing high blood cholesterol. Until the acute ischemic heart muscle And the body can lack oxygen However, if smoking before exercise This will make the pulse beat faster and may suffocate. Or faint and flash

Pollution in the air, whether it is dust, smoke, toxic substances, can harm people who exercise. If the amount is large enough, it can lead to nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, and eventually flashes. Including exercise in extremely cold or hot weather Will cause a sudden change in body temperature Until causing a flash as well Or it may have a more serious impact, namely even death. Therefore, exercise should be exercised in a normal and stable temperature.

An infection
Easy infection Especially in the respiratory system, such as a cold, bronchitis and pneumonia, it makes breathing decreased. And the body lacking oxygen In exercise, more oxygen is needed. But when the symptoms mentioned above Will cause hypoxia to flash as well, so if you are not healthy You should take care of your illness before exercising. Or consult your doctor to find out more ways to exercise

Second force
Actually the second resolute Occurs in the first phase of exercise, that is, when starting to exercise, energy is used. The type does not require oxygen for about 2-3 minutes, but if you continue to exercise Must switch to energy that requires oxygen instead Therefore, during that time, the person exercising Will feel as though exhausted or faint Which for those who do not faint When the oxygen-powered energy system starts to resume Will recover from fatigue and continue to exercise

Sweat allergy
Allergy to exercise Some people never knew they were allergic to sweat. Allergic to substances that occur in the body from exercise Which when exercising for a while, it will cause allergies Until the point of fainting or asthma can occur In which people who are allergic to their own sweat Exercise should only be exercised and should stop exercising immediately. If a hives start to develop on the skin Avoid exposing to high temperatures. Wear clothes that are breathable. Or exercising at the right temperature

Set of exercise
Exercise clothing if not suitable for the climate May also cause flashes, for example in hot weather. Instead, put on a thick warm sweater for exercise, so the body heat generated by exercise will not be able to escape. The body temperature rises considerably. Or in the opposite direction of the cold weather But not wearing enough clothes to exercise Therefore unable to prevent the cold from outside Until causing death to a stroke in the brain

Use of certain drugs
The use of certain drugs, especially doping If the drug wears off while exercising Will immediately exhaust your energy right there Until the symptoms of flashes and fatigue until sleep In some drugs, they have effects that suppress the effects of exercise on temperature and blood pressure. Therefore, it may cause the temperature to be too high that blood pressure does not increase. While the body needs blood to supply many parts of the exercise. As a result, the brain or heart ischemic and can cause it to flash.

High place
On areas above sea level 3,000 meters, the oxygen in the air is much less. Even causing people to be dizzy, dizzy, and frustrated and unconscious If the height is less than this will result in aerobic exercise. Do less with less oxygen. For those who are insecure, such as going to a mountain vacation in the morning and going for a jog, it may be easy to get lost.
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Re: 10 risk factors for "flushing" while exercising

Postby Viktor9 » Fri Feb 19, 2021 8:44 am

I suffered from asthma very much as a childhood. When I was 5 years old, my parents took me to the salt mines for treatment. Now my asthma has been in persistent remission for about 30 years
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