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things that would be great to do before bed

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things that would be great to do before bed

Postby ritcha » Thu Nov 19, 2020 8:47 pm


Many people may overlook the benefits of bedtime, thinking that sleep is truly a good time for the body. But in fact, before bedtime, it can make our lives better than ever. If we manage time well And do what it is supposed to do Never let time go to waste.
Today joker123 wants to share what I have done well. In the time before bed, let's share with friends. What will be there? Let's go and see.

Take a shower, wash your face, rinse your eyes thoroughly.
Don't forget to take a shower before bed. Because we have cleansed the dirt from the body is very important. Taking a bath also helps to refresh us. Feel comfortable, comfortable body, too Another thing that many people overlook is the cleansing of the face. Of course, most women would already be concerned with washing their face thoroughly. Because of that, we wash your face thoroughly to help reduce the chance of acne. And make our faces rest and recover, but you men should not be overlooked as well. Men also need to wash their face clean as well. Even without eye makeup, our faces are exposed to dust. And dirt anyway For anyone who has a facial cream, do not forget to apply a nourishing cream as well.

Don't forget to change into your pajamas before going to bed.
It is another matter that many people overlook. And not really interested in wearing real pajamas to bed Believe that many people may think that it will be okay, can wear clothes at home and sleep without any damage. But did you know that wearing pajamas will help us have better sleep quality? Will help us sleep faster Sleep deeper Reduce the chance of waking up during the night. Make our body get a real rest. Various systems in the body will work more efficiently. Not only that, we change into pajamas before going to bed. Will make our bed cleaner than wearing a bed at home

Pick an outfit and prepare something for tomorrow.
We choose a dress to wear the next day before. And prepare the things we will need tomorrow to help us manage our life better. Reduce the rush in the morning of the next day. Makes us sleep more comfortably It can reduce worry for another matter. Make sleep more deeply Many people may think that it is not necessary to choose an outfit before going to bed at all. Didn't rush anything in the morning anyway But in fact, choosing the clothes beforehand will help give us confidence. And are happy with the outfits that have been selected before The more who is worried about clothes If we don't have our clothes prepared, we are deeply worried Makes it difficult to sleep

We should set aside time for exercise as well. For those who do not exercise in the morning May choose to exercise in the evening instead As everyone knows, exercise is a beneficial thing. Make the body more healthy Helps to relieve stress as well And makes us feel more comfortable and comfortable More refreshing In addition, exercising close to sleep The body secretes endorphins. That will make us feel sleepy And sleep better But what should be careful in exercise. We should not exercise at least 30 minutes before bed to allow the body to adjust. And prepare to sleep

Stop eating everything Except water
We shouldn't be eating anything before bedtime. Whether it is a main meal Or will it be a little something to eat and kisses? Because our body takes more time to digest the food we eat. Which the more we eat when we are not supposed to eat it Will make our stomach work harder And to reduce the performance of other parts of the body But if really hungry and unbearable May choose to go food Or fruit that is not fat It has few calories And leave time for the stomach to digest at least 30 minutes before bedtime, but what we can eat. And you should eat that is water. At least before going to bed, you should take a sip of water before going to bed.

Read a book or read a good article before bed.
Reading for a while before going to bed Will help to enhance happiness Makes us more focused Makes us relax from stress Fatigue that accumulates throughout the day And reading books Also helps to strengthen our skills Which allows us to learn more as well Considered to develop itself as well Or for anyone who does not like reading books You may choose to find a good article to read a little before going to bed. Let the well-meaning articles be heal us. Let us be happier Sometimes on the day that we only have bad things all day long. If we end the day with good things Will make us happier Smile more And sleep easier It is like distracting us from thinking bad things. Or about work at bedtime

Thank you for the good things that happened today.
Let's review what we have been through today to see what has been accomplished. What things go through well? Then thank yourself Thank you for all the great things that happened today. It seems to be a trivial matter. But the truth is, this is another way to encourage yourself. It's something that will help us feel good. Feel more at ease And of course, having a good mood will help improve the quality of our sleep. But for anyone who feels that today there is only a foul story Not glad Then try to think again that it is not something, there are some mistakes And tomorrow will be better

Plan what to do tomorrow.
We should have planned what we will do tomorrow. May not even have to write down the details of what to do But just keep thinking about what tomorrow will do. It will help reduce the confusion. Although we may not feel that we have any concerns. Helps us to think and plan Work or live more systematically And help make us feel more at ease, relaxed and worry-free Sleep peacefully without worry.
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