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I agree with what Maple story M Mesos

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I agree with what Maple story M Mesos

Postby mmogomlb » Mon May 06, 2019 7:57 pm

I agree with what Maple story M Mesos you mentioned about sets, but I really don't at the same moment. It is generally what happens but it's not because of design, it is due to equilibrium. You give individuals more workable options they'll use them, it is on the designers should they cant' be able to find ideas to make up for sets being there or balance

uniques in a manner that they can be another option. I think uniques should be like diablo 3 but with comparable stats into rares. Epics will be better stats items compared to infrequent, uniques could have stats similar to rares but with 1 or 2 unique stats boost and effect, flourish, choices. And I am sure there is tons of ways to go about it. Too bad you picked a poor one.

As im going trough this, im less enthusiastic about Torchlight Frontiers, it feels and looks initially as Torchlight match, but if diff. Frontiers needs diff. Gear to resist components then its not a challenge, its just like among them android action rpgs dungeon hunter or something, I dont recall exactly now, but something like that where u put on like fire items cause you're fire hazards and put on water items cause of ice dmg or earth res. Cause of poison, its dumb in my opinion. I love when u receive diff. Type of things and u try to make it work on diff. Kind of environment.

Just played torchlight two for the first time a MaplestoryM Mesos few months back and am enjoying it. Was eager to hear about this one but it actually looks like they are taking the Diablo 3 route of oversimplifying Torchlight Frontiers that will only make it downright boring. The loot looks dull which is a huge disappointment. The stats about the things look way too basic. Resistance stats on items aren't game changing they're only needed for the most part. In addition, the fact that they take away from the power and progress in previous levels would make it feel as if you haven't progressed to begin with. IMO that's a big mistake.

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