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Hey while I am on MLB 19 Stubs

Fusion knot and historical knot tutorials.

Hey while I am on MLB 19 Stubs

Postby mmogomlb » Mon May 06, 2019 8:03 pm

Hey while I am on MLB 19 Stubs a roster why not complain about something else, why not be first and remove white and green allure or at least give us something to do with it. I was comparing that lvl 8 magic armor into the lvl 5 rare one, the infrequent one is still better. Folks just aren't gonna select up green and whites, so the least you could do

since this genre of game is so old is do something fresh instead of ignoring the problem or not acknowledging it. Imo completely remove white, maintain green, let salvage green, use salvage thing gotten from greens to raise stats on gloomy. Possibly have an item to improve stats worth on legendary/unique things so you don't have to roll great items and instead can observe a visible advancement towards improving your endgame items. Have a purple rarity in between blue and orange, either it can have slightly higher maximum limit on attribute stats or have bonuses with comparable thing types... there is lot of creativity to be had, none I've seen.

Btw the darkened spears capacity looks too feeble to the mana cost and cooldown it's, it's kinda blatant. Spamming the shadow bolts would net you more dmg to the identical mana cost on a similar period of time unless the dark spear area would be jam packed or tiny enemies were able to dodge a few of your shadow bolts. Enemy size also impacts its potency with just how many enemies can be hit at precisely the exact same time so the least it could do is better in its own market of clearing smaller enemies. You are hardly left with enough mana to throw anything after using it and it won't even clear the trash mobs spawning favorably during the boss battle.

I'm happy it exists. I was a major fan of Torchlight MLB The Show 19 Stubs 1 and 2. However, what is"it"? Is it a tower defense game? Is it a online dungeon crawler? Is it an MMO? Can it be an RTS? How can I be happy when I do not even know what sort of game it is?? True that we do not know about what it's but that is not a reason to immediately whine by saying"Oh this trailer told me ." These words heavily imply that you're dismissing the trailer as useless. Please show some patience towards the developers and enjoy the simple actuality that they didn't left this name to die.

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