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Specific Cobra Weave

Fusion knot and historical knot tutorials.

Specific Cobra Weave

Postby vipnet » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:04 am

Hi All,

I hope to some help here :)

I went to do for myself Paracord watch band like found on EBAY (it is costs too much for me, so i decided to try to do it myself),
but my problem that i can't find in any place exact tutorial for straps of this kind.
It seems like regular Cobra (not double/king I think) but the strap is very wide.
I think that the reason is 4 threads in the middle of the strap (correct me if it is wrong).
In addition in place of bracing, the colors are coming "one by one"
and not "2 threads of 1 color and then 2 threads of another color" as i see on tutorials in youtube.

Can't understand what specific technique of this Paracord Weave.
Maybe somebody can help me with some tutorial or just to explain with "how to do it" :-)) ??

Thank you very much.

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Re: Specific Cobra Weave

Postby fubluefox » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:23 am

Cool knot! Thank you for sharing! Gonna try it someday.
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